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My Backyard

by Will's Jams

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My Backyard 03:29
My Backyard In the fall I’m gonna rake some leaves In my backyard In the winter I’m gonna skate In my backyard In the spring I’m gonna pick flowers In my backyard In the summer I’ll do everything In my backyard In the fall the leaves are changing colour My yard is more beautiful than any other I watch the leaves as they fall to the ground And I like to pick them up when I walk around Chorus In the winter my yard it gets pretty chilly Go out without a toque and you’ll freeze yourself silly My dad will freeze the yard, we can go for a skate Then we’ll have a hot chocolate as a special treat Chorus In the spring well everything starts to grow Daffodils and tulips colours start to show The birds are coming back from their winter vacation As the days get longer the theme is recreation Chorus In the summer the sun is out all day Meet with my friends in my yard will play We can swing, play soccer, or hide-and-go-seek From Monday to Sunday we can play all week Chorus
Bugs In Cahoots We’re having a picnic on the grass I just saw a butterfly fly past It was all a distraction And the bugs are taking action Singing hey na na na na na na CHORUS Hey Na na na na na na Hey na na na na na na I think all the bugs are in cahoots And now they’re stealing all our fruits They don’t mean to be rude They just want to eat our food Singing hey nanana… CHORUS Just got bit by a darn mosquito I think he got me right on my big toe Now it’s starting to itch And the ants have got my sandwich Singing…. CHORUS Then we saw a beetle and a ladybug Looked like they were giving each other a hug We were so surprised Then a wasp took all our fries Singing… CHORUS
Henry the Meowing Dog My dog is a dog, he’s nothing but a dog He walks like a dog, he smells like a dog, but he talks like a Cat Chorus Cause he is Henry the meowing dog (meow) Henry the meowing dog (meow) He meows all day, and he thinks he’s a cat Meow, meow, meow Henry is his name, and he’s a dog, that’s certain But he’ll sharpen his claws on the curtain, when we’re not lookin’ Chorus When Henry sees the mailman, he doesn’t seem to care Instead of chasing him down the block, he just purrs and lies there (Prrrrrr) Chorus Henry is a funny one, wouldn’t chase a cat, but he’d chase a rat His favourite book is one you might know, called “The Cat in The Hat” Chorus
I’m Gonna Walk Walk all day and walk all night Turn to the left and turn to the right Walk into the distance til I’m outta sight Gonna keep on walkin ‘til I feel all right I’m gonna walk! My mom sent me down to the store So I went walkin and I walked some more Said, “I need a new broom, so I can sweep the floor Bring in so much dirt each time you walk in the door” I can’t help it I just walk a lot Long as I remember couldn’t stay in one spot I’m gonna walk When I was a baby I had two qualities I was bald as a cueball and never crawled on my knees While my friends sucked their thumbs with their blankies I was up and about walking wherever I pleased. I can’t… Chorus When I grow up I’ve made my career pick I’m gonna speed walk in the Olympics Gonna win a gold medal, no cheatin’ no tricks ‘St my feet on the road and my swiveling hips I can’t… Chorus
Make Friends with an Earthworm There is an earthworm living in my compost In fact he’s only one of quite a few He and his buddies eat up some of our garbage Then we can use it to grow something new Chorus So if you meet an earthworm today Be happy and don’t be afraid Cause, earthworms are an important part of our world So make friends with an earthworm today There is a spider living in my basement A beautiful web she has spun Sometimes I watch her catch a fly in it Later she’ll eat the prize that she has won Chorus (spider) There is a bee that visits my mom’s flowers He pollinates them and helps them to thrive But that’s not all he also makes something sweet It’s honey that he’ll share from his hive Chorus (honeybee) So if you meet someone who’s scared of these critters Maybe you can help them understand They help to make our world a better place They all help to enrich the land Chorus (earthworm)
Pete the Funky Monkey He’s a funky monkey, He’s a funky monkey He’s a funky monkey, Well he’s a funky monkey His name is Pete, just watch him move his feet Oh Yeah Swings from tree to tree Eat a banana or three Now can’t you see That he is just so funky Well he’s a funky monkey His name is Pete, you better watch him move his feet, Oh Yeah Is he an orangutan Or maybe an ape Is he a chimpanzee No he is just plain funky CHORUS Styles his hair in an afro Likes to swing a little low Dances fast, dances slow But he knows just where to go CHORUS
Let's Shake 01:37
Let’s Shake We’re gonna shake We’re gonna shake We’re gonna shake Let’s shake We’re gonna shake We’re gonna shake Shake to the left Shake it to the right Shake it all day And shake it all night Chorus We’re gonna shake down low Til we reach the flo We’re gonna shake up high Til we reach the sky Chorus Shake behind your head Yeah, you heard what I said Shake behind your back Have a shake attack Chorus Shake your hands Shake your feet Shake your head Can you feel the beat? Chorus
Hockey’s Just Really Cool My friends and I, we’ve got a hockey team We play every day after school Our fans are hard to find But we don’t really mind ‘Cause to us hockey’s just really cool (Guitar riff) - CHARGE Our buddy Paul, he is really tall We’ve renamed him the “Wall” He plays back on D and kills most penalties And wears great big pads on his knees. Chorus Check out Claire, she’s our star player She once scored 6 goals in a day Even if we lose, she doesn’t want to hear the boos Cause she’s a good sport either way Chorus My friend Chuck, he likes to pass the puck And Janet, she can sure hit the net But most important don’t forget Ravinder Cause he’s our best goaltender Chorus
Bike Safety Boogie Sit on your bike Put your helmet on tight Signal left, Signal right Stop, Look and Listen we’re doing alright We do the bike safety boogie We do the bike safety boogie Doing the bike safety boogie Whenever we ride our bike If you ride too far Not sure where you are Well you can stop and think And have a drink Chorus Plan your route Ride with a group With a friend alongside Well you can ride and ride Chorus
The Crocodile Chomp All the folks are shaking it At the schools or in the swamp Doing the bayou boogie And the crocodile chomp Bayou Bill plays guitar His foot it starts to stomp Chorus Willy plays the wash-tub bass Making the tune a romp Chorus Tiny Tim on squeeze-box There’s no way to make him stop Chorus Sassy Sue plays the kazoo Buzzing all around the shop Chorus Moms and Dads are shaking it The kids are starting to hop Chorus
Hoppin’ Up and Down Hoppin’ up and down is what we wanna do Hoppin’ up and down is what we wanna do Hoppin’ up and down, just me and you Hoppin’ up and down is what we wanna do. Clappin’ our hands is what we wanna do… Stompin’ our feet… Dancin’ with our friends… Snappin’ our fingers… Wavin’ our hands… Makin’ funny faces… Hoppin’ up and down…
Goodnight 03:26
Goodnight Outside the sheets are blowing As the wind it goes drifting by And when we say goodnight Know that it doesn’t mean goodbye Baby birds are snuggled up with their parents Tomorrow they might learn how to fly And when we say goodnight Know that it doesn’t mean goodbye The train is pulling out of the station The passengers they start to close their eyes And when we say goodnight Know that it doesn’t mean goodbye Listen to my guitar playing The notes they fade into the sky And when we say goodnight Know that it doesn’t mean goodbye Sometimes we have to leave each other It might even make us want to cry But when we say goodnight Know that it doesn’t mean goodbye


Nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award.


released November 16, 2008


all rights reserved



Will's Jams Vancouver, British Columbia

Will Stroet of Will's Jams is a former CBC Kids TV star and an award-winning bilingual children’s entertainer and educator from Vancouver, Canada. Will connects with kids through high-energy, interactive and educational music in English and French. From folk to rock to pop songs about active living, sports, animals and the environment, Will’s guitar-driven music appeals to kids of all ages. ... more

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