Rocks and Roots

by Will's Jams

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"Rocks and Roots" is an album about getting your kids outdoors, going for adventures and trying new things.
The title also refers to the musical styles of the album. Lots of rock n roll and roots styles of music.


released May 14, 2019

Produced and mixed by Steve Dawson
Recorded by Sheldon Zaharko at the Warehouse Studio, Vancouver
Mastered by Andrew Spindor at Railtown Mastering, Vancouver
Artist manager and agent Kim Thé, Pebble Star Artists

All songs written by Will Stroet, except Tracks 7 and 11 written by Will Stroet and Cynthia Ramamonjisoa


all rights reserved



Will's Jams Vancouver, British Columbia

Will's Jams (of Will Stroet), the star on CBC Kids, is an award-winning bilingual children’s entertainer and educator from Vancouver, Canada. Will connects with kids through high-energy, interactive and educational music in English and French. From folk to rock to pop songs about active living, sports, animals and the environment, Will’s guitar-driven music appeals to kids of all ages. ... more

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Track Name: Rock and Roly Guacamole
Holy moly, roly poly, rock n roly, guacamole

Eat it with my tacos, eat it with my chips
Love it with my nachos, my favourite of the dips
Well it’s nice and green, you know what I mean?
I eat it all the time, but not with ravioli
Holy moly, roly poly, rock n roly, guacamole

Step 1 – mash the avocado
Step 2 – chop the cilantro
Step 3 – squeeze some lime
Step 4 – salt & pepper time
Step 5 – mix it up
Rock n roly, guacamole that’s what up!

Holy moly, roly poly, rock n roly, guacamole
Track Name: Rocks and Roots
Trails and boots, rocks and roots
Trails and boots, rocks and roots
Love exploring some brand new routes
Trails and boots, rocks and roots

Walking by the river, after the rain
It’s magical when, the sun comes out again
The sky turns blue, you can see the steam
And if you’re lucky, salmon swimming up the stream

Hike in the mountains, or by the sea
There’s no TV, I’d rather climb a tree
Look for an eagle, or even a squirrel
Lots of fun for every boy and girl


With my family, I like to explore
So much to see, on the forest floor
Might see a slug, pinecones galore
Or maybe a bug we’ve never seen before


Send me a postcard, stick on a stamp
Show me your favourite place, where you like to camp
Let’s pitch a tent, everyone pitch in
Pitch a baseball, time for violin
Track Name: Try Something New
Every morning I wake up
I want the same breakfast to eat
When I leave for school
I’ll only wear my favourite shoes on my feet
After school
I only like a couple of activities
Trying something new always
Leaves me ill at ease

Never rode a bike, without training wheels
I’m a little picky, when it comes to meals
When we go for sushi, I won’t try the eels
I don’t like a surprise, until I’ve seen what it reveals

Ooh, ooh, ooh, try something new

Never tried a new language, like Spanish or Chinese
Swimming in the ocean, that will make me freeze
Haven’t read philosophy, Plato or Socrates
And when it comes to hiking, well, nature makes me sneeze

Well I’ve never tried before
But I might try it with you
Well I’ve never tried before
It’s time to try something new

Never tried parcours, don’t have the muscle tone
Never played a trumpet, or a slide trombone
Not a fan of cherries, don’t like the cherry stone
Don’t like to share my jokes, afraid that they’ll make you groan


Don’t know about rhythm, never tried to dance
I haven’t learned French, never been to France
Don’t like getting dirty, In the garden planting plants
All this makes me nervous, I don’t like to take a chance

Nervous ‘bout the mountains
Never tried to ski - Gonna try it
I’m afraid of heights
Never climbed a tree - Gonna try it
Haven’t tried eggplant
Or tasted kimchi - Gonna try it
When I listen to radio
Only CBC - Gonna try it
I don’t like spelling - Gonna try it
Enter a spelling bee - Gonna try it
Never rode a horse - Gonna try it
Or even a pony - Gonna try it
Never tried piano - Gonna try it
Can’t find middle C - Gonna try it
Don’t like too much sun - Gonna try it
Overdosing vitamin D - Gonna try it

Chorus x 2
Track Name: I'm the Moose
I’m the Moose
I’m the moose
I’m on the loose
I’m a beautiful beast, big as a caboose

Now listen child
Got some friends I’d like to introduce
From the Canadian wilds
Grizzly Bear, and the beaver there and the
Canada goose, Canada goose, Canada goose
Oh yeah, but I’m the Moose!

The Grizzly bear
Eats salmon and berries
Sleeps all winter, in his lair
And he likes to scratch and scratch his back on his
Favourite trees, favourite trees, favourite trees
Oh yeah, but I’m the Moose!

The Beaver
Brings down trees, and he dodges
I’d call him a high achiever
Cause he’s always busy chewing down trees for his
Dams and lodges, dams and lodges, dams and lodges
Oh yeah, but I’m the Moose!

The Canada Goose
They migrate in a flying vee
They’re noisy, messy and kind of obtuse
But they’ll always fly back in the summer that’s
A guarantee, a guarantee, a guarantee

I am the moose baby, that’s what I am
I am the moose baby, not the man
I am the moose baby, that’s what I am
I live up north and I’m Canadian

Because I’m the Moose, I’m the Moose, I’m on the loose, I’m drinking juice, Tall as a Spruce, A chocolate mousse? My name is Bruce
Well I’m a beautiful beast, big as a caboose!
Track Name: Ukulele Flying High
The Ukulele has a happy sound
Lift you up off the ground
Spread your wings, do it today
With the sound of the ukulele

Feeling down, like a runner up
Need something to pick you up, up, up
Go ahead, it ain’t no fluke
You’ll feel better when you pick up your uke

Sometimes you wake up and the clouds are gray
Rain’s falling, feels like a bad day
Those feelings are real, but you can try to chase them away
With the sounds of a ukulele
Track Name: Fast
Running like the flash, Watch you don’t crash
Winds of a hurricane, Or in a bullet train
Drive a race car, Ride a shooting star
Flying in a jet, Or in a rocket

A peregrine falcon, Millenium falcon
Racing with a cheetah, A fastball heater
A speedy greyhound, Won’t hit the speed of sound
Lightning strike, Won’t hit the speed of light

Right from the beginning, My head’s been spinning
The race I’m winning, Like Michael Phelps swimming
A need to exceed, At great speed
I’ve never been passed, I need to go faaassttttt! X 3

Usain Bolting, His speed is revolting
A luge on the track, Knock you on your back
Check that bobsled, Going for a shred
Van Halen solo, Super-fast Fo Sho!

A speedy drag racer, Leave behind any chaser
A roller coaster ride, Speed can’t be denied
Always on the run, Benjamin Wilson
Superman flying, Speed limit not complying
Track Name: Jardin communautaire
De l’eau - de l’eau, soleil - soleil, la terre
Jardin communautaire

Nous avons une idée, pour notre communauté
Un jardin, nous allons planter
Les graines, (il) faut les semer, ensuite les arroser
Laisse le soleil rayonner

Les feuilles deviennent plus grandes, comment? Je me demande…
Les fleurs ressemblent à des guirlandes
Je m’assois sur ma chaise, je fais une hypothèse
Je crois que c’est la photosynthèse

Brocoli, céleri, zucchini et radis
Oignon, poivron, betterave et chou-rave
Navet, chou frisé, fenouil et citrouille
T’as besoin de tes bottes pour sortir les carottes
Pas besoin de ta pelle pour les choux de Bruxelles
1, 2, 3, petit pois, 1 pour moi, 2 pour toi


Je vais, chaque matin, arroser le jardin
J’y rencontre tous mes voisins
On a bâti des liens, travaillant avec nos mains
Mon voisinage, j’y appartiens

Track Name: Grandma on the Move
So many ways in this city to get around
You can walk, you can bike, or take a bus around town
I walk with my friends when I go to school
My friends walk with me when we go to aqua fit at the pool

Hey there mom, we’re driving too quick
Please be patient, that Nana’s got a bad hip
If you make me rush, I just might slip
Then it will take much longer, to get on with your trip

Need someone to walk with, I’ll hold your hand
Need a ride to the doctor’s, we’ll pick you up in our van
I’d love to go together, You can go with us
You know, they’re also great to us, when we ride the bus

We’re driving at night, it’s dark, wet and dank
Dad let’s be careful, hey look there’s Grandpa Hank
It’s often raining, it’s no time for a prank
Do it for us, and we’ll both say thanks

I love you Nana, want you to stay fit
Well, I love to walk when I can, and I even bike a bit
When you’re out with your friends, please take care,
Oh, the drivers will see me, with the colourful clothes I wear.
Track Name: 2022
I want 2 have some fun
U want 2 have some fun?
We’re going 2 party like it’s

I want 2 dance with U
I want 2 sing with U
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2022

U want 2 dance with me?
U want 2 sing with me?
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2023

U want 2 dance some more?
U want 2 sing some more?
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2024

Do U feel alive?
Cause I feel alive
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2025

I got a bag of tricks
U got a bag of tricks?
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2026

My drummer’s name is Kevin
Say hi to Kevin (kids saying hi)
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2027

Are U feeling great?
Cause I’m feeling great
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2028

Are U feeling fine?
Cause I’m feeling fine
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2029

Are U feeling free?
I’m feeling so free
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2030

I want 2 dance with U
I want 2 sing with U
I want 2 dance with U
I want 2 sing with U
I want 2 dance with U
I want 2 sing with U
We’re going 2 party
Like it’s 2022
Track Name: Try it Again
I have an idea in my brain
If it doesn’t work, I’ll try it again
Write it down with paper and pen
If it doesn’t work, I’ll try it again
Don’t give up don’t stop and cry
Well come on, let’s try, try, try
Don’t give up don’t stop and cry
Well come on, let’s try, try, try

This year I started playing piano
So much fun to play and sing
Don’t always love to practice don’t you know
The work is paying off, it feels amazing
My favourite thing with music is writing my own songs
Like the ones I’m singing today
Create a melody, find the words to go along
Then rewrite, sing and play


At school we’re learning to multiply
And you know I’m trying my best
My teacher shows us how and why
But I’m still making slow progress
First I guess, then I solve, oh yes I try
After that it’s time to assess
Before you know it, it starts to demystify
And I’m having math success.

Making mistakes isn’t always bad
Those mistakes can be your launching pad

Track Name: La technologie
Tablettes, téléphones et ordis
Ça nous aide, la technologie
Elle est partout dans nos vies
N’oublie pas de jouer dehors aussi
Parler, jaser avec nos amis
Les enfants et la technologie

Je fais un projet à l’école
Je cherche des informations
Je débranche ma tablette,
J’utilise une application
Ça rend le travail amusant,
J’ai hâte de faire ma présentation
Le temps file, la cloche sonne
C’est maintenant la récréation


J’ai terminé mes devoirs,
J’ai mérité mon temps d’écran
Mon sport est le soccer,
Je regarde les matchs souvent
J’entends des cris d’équipe,
Je crois que je connais ces enfants
J’éteins la télévision
Je les rejoins immédiatement


Pendant la fin de semaine
Je joue aux jeux vidéos
Mes parents sont là aussi,
Ils envoient des textos
« Hé maman! Hé papa !
Faisons quelque chose de nouveau »
Créons notre propre aventure
Faisons le boogie à vélo

Track Name: Smell the Flowers
Every day we’re all so busy
Sometimes it makes me dizzy
Mom and dad have work, we have school
Running from piano to the swimming pool

We’ve got to stop! Smell the flowers
Just for a minute now and smell the flowers
Life’s so full. You only get so many hours
C’mon mom and dad let’s stop to smell the flowers

Up in the morning, eat and brush your hair
Gotta get dressed and dash down the stairs
Off to school, to work, let’s go go go!
It’s almost like we’re caught in a tornado

Even on the weekends just can’t stop
Just running until we drop
Get in the car, we’re late for soccer
I’m a hard rocker, fast talker, speed walker, knickerbocker

Sometimes I think I need a day off
A whole day when I can goof off
Slow down a bit, have a holiday
Chill, read a book, maybe play some reggae
Track Name: Day Week Month Year Life
Wake up in the morning at first light
To get to school on time we often fight
Then I miss you all day, at three we reunite
And I will love you from the morning til night

Always hard getting going on Monday
Then all week it’s school and soccer, friends and ballet
But when I can, I’ll steal a moment to play
And I will love you from Monday til Sunday

It is March, the month of your birth
We had your party on the 21st
Had a great time until your balloon burst
And I will love you from the 1st til 31st

The year starts in the middle of winter
Then spring and summer pass in a blur
Busy all year, the life of an entrepreneur
But I will love you from Jan til December

I’ll never forget the day you were born
Told myself I’d be the one you depend on
As a parent life’s a sprint and it’s a marathon
And I will love you from your birth til I’m gone

Time passes by
In the blink of an eye
Can you tell me why?
There’s never enough time, ooh ooh ooh

Day time, nighttime, morning time
Springtime, summertime, winter time
Sometime, anytime, and bed time
And I will love you til the end of time x3
Track Name: Hot Air Balloon with June
I’m travelling with June
We’re going to the moon
We’ll get there soon
In our Hot Air Balloon

We’ll pack up our things
Our balloon gives us wings
Up in the air we will go
End up wherever the wind will blow

Fly up through the sky
Look there’s a butterfly
Puffy clouds we pass by
So high above the earth we wave good bye


We leave the atmosphere
Hold my hand have no fear
On our daddy daughter trip
This balloon’s like our own space ship

The day has turned to night
There goes a satellite
I’ll follow this moonbeam
While you have a sweet dream

I’m watching you sleep
Under the light of the stars
This adventure just with you
This time together well it’s just our ours

There’s the moon, look Junebug
Open your eyes, give me a hug
Grab hold of my hand
Dreams come true, we’re about to land

Just me and my June

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